a new week

I was up ridiculously early this morning, especially when you factor in Daylight Savings Time. This auspiciously came up on my Google homepage, which makes me think that it'll be a good, opera-centered week.

Random thoughts:
  • I guess that most folks tend to rework their priorities in the springtime...longer days, more sun, warmer temperatures make it seem like change is possible. For me, spring has been about getting my ducks in a row for the summer. That function still holds - there's lots to do - but I'm rethinking things on a deeper level. It takes a lot of mental energy, but it feels good to start getting both my physical and mental houses in order. And I know that, should I find myself in exactly the same place in a few months, I'll likely be more at peace with it for getting messy and doing the work.

  • Positive attitude. Positive attitude. Positive attitude.

  • My dad gave me lily bulbs last year to plant in my weed garden. I tossed a bag in the freezer last fall, with the intention of saving them from the landscapers and replanting them after the patio was done. And they were unintentionally tossed out...the tosser will remain nameless, but it wasn't me, the puppy or the cat. But there are a few brave souls popping up in the grass, among the pavers. They're making me extremely happy.

  • I have awesome friends. And I am exceedingly grateful for them.
Ok, Monday. I'm ready for you.


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