• I was walking Boo the other night and was amazed at the beautiful scent of a woman's perfume...and how it lingered...and how pervasive it was...until I realized that it was the scent of the tree we were walking under. Spring has indeed arrived in the capitol region!
  • These folks gave a wonderful, uplifting concert this evening. I know some of them from my Volpone intern days, and it was a lovely homecoming to have them back in the building. And my boss is always happier when she's playing, so there was a great vibe at work this week. But now my appetite has been whetted...I'm ready for the summer to begin! (Well, almost ready...)
  • Tomorrow at 10am, you should go to this party...they'll have adult beverages (of a sort... the "it'll stunt yer kid's growth" sort, namely) and entertainment. If not, take the time to click around the pretty new website...I'll give you 5 points extra if you can find my name...
g'night, john boy.


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