spinning head? check.

Work? So many marketing projects are due/soon to be due/overdue that I can't keep them all straight. My colleagues are patient, but I'm fairly sure that I've unintentionally ticked several off. My normally short attention span is miniscule. But I'm loving being back in the office, and with the first design presentation and intern interviews finished, I'm looking forward to my favorite summer activity, Opera Wac-a-Mole. [Imagine the Chuck E. Cheese game, and pretend that the moles are operatic/symphonic/logistic issues, and you have my summer in a nutshell. I love it!] Hand me my hammer!

Home? DH is sadly under the weather. Puppy, however, is feeling good, which means he's totally hyper as soon as I get home and stays that way for several hours. Regardless of the length/number of walks, the children he snurfles, the neighbors he molests. And did I mention that he's over 60 pounds? The question of who is the walker and who is the walkee is becoming murkier by the day...

Pennsylvania? The many, many bureaucracies involved with my dad's estate are moving much too slowly, and the stress is building. My brother and mom are both dealing with big heartbreak, and the universe has decided to make things difficult...perhaps not as difficult as it could, but everyone's been dealt a fairly sucky hand lately. It's been just over a month, and while we've all come to grips with parts of the situation there's still a surreal quality that pervades daily life. We're feeling alternately inconsolable and guilty at getting along without him. I s'pose it's normal, but it's not comfortable or fun.

And did I mention that I got a speeding ticket? Awesome. I'm hoping that it's my #3 in the "bad things come in threes" series.

But I still have lots of things to be thankful for:

1. memories and lilies.
2. good work.
3. great colleagues who know just what to say and do.
4. renewed relationships with good friends.
5. more daylight.
6. fun distractions.
7. porch-sittin' weather. (well, almost)
8. looking forward.


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