Just received this photo today - it's one of my favorite pictures. My dad took it when we met for dinner in Annapolis a few years ago. Being the sage cigar-smoker he was, he knew I was in for a world of hurt if I smoked the whole thing.

Did I mention I smoked the whole thing?

He had just bought a fancy new cell phone, one with a camera, and loved taking pictures. [He had actually been a photographer in a former life... we have Spielburg-esque shots of my brother and I as The Babies Who Drowned New York...we were pretty drooly.]

But it was a perfect evening, and we had great, father-daughter conversation. And I realized how much I liked my dad - I mean, I love my parents, but it was a wonderful realization that I could have a great adult conversation with my dad, without awkwardness and with a lot of laughter. Heck, I could've hung out with him at a bar or an opera, maybe even taken him shoe-shopping.

Ok, so the shopping would've been a bit much.

Regardless, I knew that he really was proud of who I had become. And he also knew what a huge role he played in my life.

I am so glad, so thankful to have had that evening!

Hubby and I head to Annapolis for some sailing lessons later this month, and I am looking forward to walking the square with another fabulous guy.

But no cigars this time...


Melear said…
No cigars? Ah, well, I love this photo and the great story.
ACB said…
What a sweet post! Thank you for sharing...

Can't wait to see you and give you a hug!!

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