Calendar, schmalendar

It's been a long time coming, but the world is starting to transform into a kinder, more hospitable place.

I've written often about the park serving as a more reliable calendar than the appointment-filled Outlook appointment book on my computer, and this spring is no exception. This winter's difficulties were echoed by cold, gray, weepy weather...certainly appropriate, but unrelenting. It's easy to feel abandoned in a global sense when the surrounding environment is bare.

But spring has arrived! And I'm feeling lighter of heart, and more aware of the wealth of possibilities that lie ahead. Still grieving, certainly, but spring was my dad's favorite season - starting heirloom tomato plants from seeds, sprucing up the flower beds, cutting back the rose bushes, mowing the lawn on his prized John Deere tractor, baseball cap on his head, cigar in his mouth...he'd putter around the house, working on any number of projects. (Sometimes, he'd even finish some of those projects!) I channelled my inner putterer yesterday... after puppy class, I cleaned and oiled my patio furniture. It was an excuse to spend some time outside, to see a small project through from start to finish, and to see some real, tangible results from my time. And it made me feel a little closer to him.


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