Lessons from Boo part deux

So Boo and I have been working with a trainer.

Personal trainer? Of sorts. Not the kind that should be chasing me on a treadmill until my heart pops (although it would take shamefully little for that pop, I'm afraid) but the kind that helps us tune in to one another. When pup goes outside, it's really hard for him to filter all the information coming towards him...squirrels, blowing leaves, and don't even get me started with all of the smells! And while I'm all for him enjoying his walk, I get terribly irritated when he drags me across a road to chase one of the aforementioned squirrels, or decides to jump into the canal and take me along. [Well, I suppose if I let go of the leash I would've stayed dry... maybe I am the one who needs more training.]

So part one: tuning in. It's hard to do at this time of year...work is ramping up big time, and folks are tense and distracted - excited and hopeful, yes, but there's a lot of nervous, easily-misdirected energy. All of the tasks that seemed light years away are suddenly right around the corner - AUGH! It's hard to take a deep breath, and look at things from someone else's perspective at this time of year. But it's a goal. And, when the pup is tuned in, we have a much better time together.

Part two: on a particularly good afternoon walk, pup was totally tuned in...listening to my commands, walking without jerking me to hell and back, being a total charmer. We walk around a bend, and there are - count 'em - five deer. Standing stock still.

...and pup is waiting obediently for a treat. He totally misses the deer. Totally - doesn't even smell 'em.

So it seems that the larger challenge is to stay tuned in AND to be aware of what's going on around me, while in the midst of the maelstrom that is our summer season. I think.

Anyhoo. On the docket for this week?
  • contracts for our Studio guest lecturers
  • travel arrangements for artists
  • orientation & access materials for summer folks
  • send a final cut list and script to this guy. Awesome!
  • set up payroll, housing, and such for summer employees
And more! {Yep, we've been proofing a lot of marketing materials lately. How did you know?}
On the personal side?
  • Oil change for the Rahreemobile
  • Start swapping out wool trousers for linen pants - Yay!
  • Groceries. Seriously. What did I do this weekend, anyway?
  • More practice with the pup. Let's see if we can get an A on this week's report card!


ava said…
oh! he is so cute! I can't wait to meet him! !!!

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