Let the puttering continue!

Yesterday we continued the puttering trend, and trekked to Home Depot for outdoor plants and mulch and fertilizer. The lovely thing about only having a postage-stamp-sized yard is that you can spend 3-4 hours outside and get everything done! We also rearranged the living room furniture [and vacuumed all of the dog hair from under the couch... did I mention that someone is getting a bath today?], so we were feeling mighty productive!

The only casualty? The new hostas I planted under the oak tree... seems like the deer like them as much as they like pansies... but now that I am a PRO with a shovel and mulch, I'm not too worried. Googling: deer-resistant plants...

We were all up at 4:30am today - which is waaaaay too early - and I have continued the productive trend by turning the last 3 nasty bananas into lovely muffins. But to be honest, I'm currently thinking about going back to bed.

Update: It's 4pm. The hostas have been replaced by tiny pachysandra plants, and new mulch has been liberally strewn around the beds. Our early wake-up time, the gray chill of the day, and the lovely lull of the announcer's voice (side note - where does the Golf Channel find their announcers? One of those guys reading the phone book = drug-free Ambien. I love them...) means that it's naptime for Rahree. The to-do list will have to wait for another day...


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