One of the most wonderful things that has come out of this Spring-Filled-With-Suck is that I have been reconnected with some great people. Friends who have been through similar situations have offered support, open ears and arms, and copious adult beverages. My colleagues have stepped up in ways that have taken them out of the "work friends" column and placed them firmly in the "rockin' friend-for-life" column. My good friends have carried me and my family on their shoulders, even when they were dealing with losses of their own. And, thanks to the wonder that is Facebook, all kinds of buddies, classmates, and former students (the sheer quality of the former students that have surfaced lately demand an entry of their own...coming soon) have poked their heads into my virtual front door to say hello and sometimes borrow a cup of virtual sugar. It's nice.

Other miscellany:
  • On our morning constitutional, Pup and I walked the hilly trail in the park. We crossed paths with several deer - now, we're pretty accustomed to seeing deer on our morning walks...there are a gazillion in the park, and Boo thinks of them as really big dogs who don't like to play with him. It's their loss, as far as he's concerned. But one of them this morning actually took a few steps towards us, tail swishing. Maybe we can add Bambi to our house menagerie!
  • I'm a rock star. I went to the gym twice in two days. I can't move my arms, but hubby tells me that'll get better if I go back. (Wait, I have to go BACK?) The great thing? I can feel my muscles. The bad thing? I can feel the non-muscley jiggle even more... Damned if you do...
  • Saw a great production of Cosi fan tutte yesterday here. Fun, well-sung, and led musicially by one of my favorite people. Throw in a picnic lunch and an illicit bottle of rose, and you have a lovely Sunday afternoon!
  • First rehearsal this evening for City of Angels here...LOVE this show, and am excited to get back into a show pit.
Happ Monday, all!


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