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I'm sitting in a sunny spot at a local Starbucks (don't judge), using my multi-tasking skills to catch up on work email, skim the NYT, and eavesdrop. (Watching a cougar put the moves on a much younger man...fascinating...)There are sales guys, students, young mothers and babes-in-arms and/or strollers...a nice cross-section of non-9 to 5ers. I'm more than a little jealous. There's a man outside smoking a pipe, and when the door opens I can catch just a bit of the smell of good tobacco. I have a vat of coffee next to me, and despite an early start to the morning, I'm pretty darn content.

I've been thinking about blogging more than doing it lately... while I've labeled myself as a Pollyanna in the past, I'm not feeling so much like one lately, and I'm having a hard time translating this new mind set into my writing. I'm sure my perkier self will return, and I hope wherever she's gone she's having a good time! (I know that she'll be back in a few weeks when the singers are back in the building - she wouldn't miss that for anything!) This time of year is challenging... lots of things to take care of prior to the artists' arrivals, but every fiber of my being wants to skip out of work while it's still quiet and recharge my batteries.

When I was in college in Pittsburgh, gloriously sunny days were hard to come by. And, every once in a while the day was so beautiful that it warranted a Skip Day. Call the main office, cough, cough, sniffle, not coming to class, please let the professors know [there were only 12 of us in my specific year and program, and we were missed when we were absent...some days I would've welcomed the anonymity of a group lecture class!], yes, I'm sure I'll be feeling better tomorrow... And then? A trip to the Strip District for cheese and fresh bread or a walk to Bagelland for bagels and schmear, a good book, and a blanket in the park. Sometimes I was really brash, and would sit in the park next to campus, just waiting to be caught. It never happened.

I'm feeling a Skip Day coming on soon...


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