toNIIIIIIGHT, TOniiiiight


Ok, so my West Side Story excerpt leaves a little to be desired this morning. Sorry.

But I'm excited for this evening, when these guys play at The Barns. We commissioned a work for them, which is one of the most exciting things that an organization like mine can do. In the grand scheme of our commissioning history, this is fairly small - a three movement work for string quartet. (I'm guessing, however, that the composer would take exception to my description! Blood, sweat and tears!), but the premiere of anything that's never been heard before is groundbreaking.

This composer in particular was in many ways a dream to work with - responsive, creative, and friendly. And did I mention based in Russia? It was my first time working with a foreign artist who wasn't doing a residency in the US as part of his project. No visa to worry about - which was a relief, as they take big financial and time resources for a company of our size. (But there's some good news on that front here. Fingers crossed!) But you can't just send an American check to Russia for payment...again, we had a bit of a learning curve (and by "we" I mean "me", "I") but everything turned out well. I'm eager to hear his piece, but a little sad that he won't be here to join us.

Today we have a lazy morning on the docket, which is lovely. I'll take little hike with the hound, meet these folks for Dog School [and by "Dog School" I mean "Rahree School"], and run a few errands before heading into the office. The weather has been a little less cloudy and quite a bit warmer, making for better moods, but also driving home the realization that our folks arrive in four weeks - less than, in some cases - for the summer season. I'm ready! Well, almost...


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