universe 10, rahree 0

So, after writing and publishing two non-negative posts this morning, I walk to the car dealership, where my little roller skate of an auto is getting a tune-up and de-padiddled. [they're replacing a burnt-out headlamp] I'm fully expecting to pay $500 or so for what needs to be done.


Ok, enough.

While I've tried to be positive here, for the most part, here's a post for those of you who think I have it too good. In the last four months the following things have gone wrong.
  • My father died unexpectedly and much too soon.
  • My sister-in-law walked away from my brother, without having the guts to even try to work on their relationship.
  • My soon-to-be-ex-sister-in-law abandoned us all the week after my father passed away.
  • I hurt my back seriously enough to see an orthopedist.
  • Puppy exploded. Again.
  • Speeding ticket for 39 in a 35 mph zone. Seriously?!
  • A colleague from a previous job proved to be less a friend than an opportunist.
  • All of the hay I tried to make professionally turned into chaff.
  • It started to rain in my kitchen. Again.
  • My vacation fund has become my car repair fund.

Add to all of that an upcoming birthday that places me closer to 40 than 30, and color me extremely malcontent. I am officially ready for the Spring of Suck to be finished. Not just because I want good things to start happening - I do, and to be honest my hubby and my friends have totally been bright spots in all of this - but because I don't like the woman that all of this suck is bringing out.

My birthday is the first day of summer...Universe, you've been warned.


Melear said…
It's a good thing Beer and Dogs can set that balance right again....Hang in there, mi amiga.
rahree said…
sweeet...maybe i should call ahead and make sure they have enough of each to restore the world's karmic balance. Do you get extra karma points for yellow mustard? I hope so...

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