Catching Up

  • Happy June! The coolest month, as no fewer than 5 of the folks I work with and 3 close friends have birthdays within 5 days of each other. It's a crazy, wonderful coincidence, and I'm foregoing dessert at the thought of all the cake at the end of the month! Sweet!
  • I blogged a few days ago, and the only bad thing that happened was that my car window broke. En route to the car wash...oh yeah. The irony was not lost on me or my poor bird be-pooped car. While it cost a little more to fix than I had hoped, it was in the upright position when the torrential rains swept through Virginia yesterday, leaving me with a lighter wallet but a much drier backside. So maybe the trend "rahree-blogs:universe-slaps-her-down" is weakening, if not finished. Fingers crossed!
  • We're moving! Hubby found the perfect house - in walking distance to my job, cute as a button, with a big yard for the pup to run around in. We're moving on my birthday... a nice way to celebrate a 5er milestone, and an auspicious beginning for a luckier, happier year. Thanks for giving me a reason to look forward and dream, hubby. You're the best!

  • We're packing! Ugh... waaaaaay less fun. Singers and opera pros...I don't know how you do it. I have bags and bags of stuff to toss, stacks of boxes to move, much more to be done and a handful of days off before moving day. I'm having the hardest time with the "could-be-useful-to-someone" piles...hubby's school textbooks (we should sell 'em but who has the time/energy?), my choral music reference files, picture frames, vases...needless to say there will be piles of "free to a good any home" stuff laying around work...don't tell the building supervisor!!! How did I accrue so much crap in this tiny house? And the dust? Don't get me started! Achoo!

  • We're having an opera season! I'll write more about the start of this season, but to date it's featured a crazy, epic movie extravaganza, and quickly transitioned to a lovely, intimate recital performance. There's a palpable change in both the building, and in me, with the return of ebullient singers and luscious music. Plus the arrival of too many good friends to mention make life fuller, richer, and way more funner.

  • We're catching up with friends! LMB, pup and I took advantage of the pretty weather to walk the usual route through the park. It's harder to make good friends as I get older, and a low-key evening getting to know a great lady was a perfect combination. The park is something that I'll miss moving away from, as it's been a good friend and companion over the last five (?!) years. But it was a treat to just shoot the breeze with a taboo topics, no awkward pauses. Thanks, lady!

  • Ok, we're totally procrastinating...back to the boxes. More regular posting to resume anon!


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