Donna Reed on Steroids

It's Wednesday morning, and I'm sipping my last cup of coffee, watching Martha Stewart and Meredith Viera talk about no fewer than 7 varieties of cherries. The reason I love Martha in a guilty way is that she represents unlimited free time and energy. If I had more free time, I'd totally buy 7 pints of different kinds of cherries, try them all, and then make gourmet dishes incorporating them in interesting ways to feed the people I love.

No, I wouldn't.

In reality? When I have a free day it's spent hanging with my menfolk, doing laundry, becoming one with my couch and bad movies, reading a book. I have the time, but usually little inclination to make my own stationery, repaint the bathroom, bake a layer cake.

But I like to pretend... here's to daydreaming!


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