Friday the 13th and Xanadu...discuss...

I'm writing this while watching the cast of Xanadu (the b'way musical) sing on a morning show with my breakfast - a piece of wholegrain bread with peanut butter - in my hand and a dog panting heavily on my thigh... I think I'll follow the path of least resistance and share.

On a side note, the movie Xanadu? Brilliant. It was one of my first music purchases (on vinyl, naturally), and I think I saw the movie a dozen fact, I had a multi-colored satin jacket with a roller-skate embroidered on the left side that I would wear when I watched it. C'mon... Gene Kelly? AND Olivia Newton-John as a roller-skating muse? How could it NOT be a quality flick?!

Tonight the first mainstage opera opens, and it's outstanding! We have some last minute things to take care of, but that project has been chugging along on its own steam for a while and it needs little tending at this point...I'll be sad to see it go. The stage management team for the second opera is hard at work prepping for rehearsals, which will begin Monday morning. Singers and artistic staff are departing and arriving over the next several days, which means there will be lots of chaos, but lots of interesting, meaningful interactions with artists and visitors. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!

The packing continues on apace...we're now officially eating off of paper plates until we move. Still a billion things to do, but I'm hoping to cross a lot off my to-do list this Saturday.

A special hurrah goes out to my boss, who as of today will have graduated two fabulous young adults. CONGRATS! If I have kids, I'm hoping she'll let me borrow her manual, as her 2 turned out exceptionally well. (And if my experience with the pup is any indication, well, I'll be needing some serious help...)

Friday the 13ths have always been lucky days for me, but this one is sad, as Dad passed away four months ago today. I still get pretty distracted and preoccupied on these anniversaries, but mostly I'm still angry at the unfairness and finality, pushing back against the fact that he's gone. I'm not really comfortable with the anger, so it's a double struggle to feel it without letting it affect my interactions with others. So here's hoping that the day is a good one, and that maybe he'll give me a little boost to get through.


moe said…
don't be surprised if you get locked of something soon. happen to me one day that was crappy, it then wasn't crappy

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