Happy Father's Day

Today was tough. I kept thinking about calling. And what I would say.

But I think the first thing I'd say would be "thanks."

Thanks for big hugs, no matter how old I was.

Thanks for teaching me to drive, even though I wasn't sure I was ready.

Thanks for letting me be your sous-chef/kitchen co-conspirator. (But that meatloaf with the whole hard-boiled eggs? Still weird, Dad.)

Thanks for teaching me to see the best in people.

Thanks for spoiling me rotten. (Hubby thanks you for that, too...he has a hard act to follow.)

Thanks for giving me a childhood that most people only read about.
Love you, dad.


djhenze said…
He was in my thoughts yesterday as well... and I had a dream about those little lobster tails!
moe said…
it was a tough one

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