house miscellany

We're almost totally out of boxes. I can count the number of still-packed boxes on 2 hands and not use every finger. Aw yeah... I'm loving the house on a billion levels, from the actual structure to the cute yard to the nearness of town. I grew up in a small town [keep humming the John Mellencamp tune...I know you are...], and in many ways this house feels like a homecoming.

Had a small girl's night last evening to both show off the house and make sure that I still knew how to entertain. It was fun! (although the combination of Hubby being out of town and so many chicks in the house made the puppy a little psycho...I know that J's beautiful dress is probably covered in dog drool, and A certainly has a new, furry boyfriend) I'm hoping that, since it's close enough to work and friends that they'll drop by when they see us on the porch, and I'm making an effort to sit my fanny on the porch as often as I can.

Right before folks came [and actually while SingleGirl and LaJefa were visiting], the plumber stopped by to take care of some small repairs while the home warranty was still in effect. Home warranty...aaahh... not everything is fixed, but knowing that the cash doesn't have to come out of our pocket is a lovely feeling...

More about work later this week... suffice it to say that the admin side of things is getting busy enough to keep us totally out of the rehearsal room, which is pretty unacceptable. I'm looking forward to getting my fanny in to hear both some Handel and Bernstein this week, even if it means doing it with a laptop and a to-do-list.

On today's to-do list?
  • contracts. it truly never ends.
  • budget. ditto.
  • send parts from giorno back to Boosey & Hawkes
  • make a vet appointment for le chien d'enfer
  • walk said chien
  • order coffee
  • figure out what our new phone # is...
Happy Thursday, all!


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