laundry list

Not much time to post this morning, on account of sleeping in late. I'm not sure how I made it until 9:30 without one of the furry alarm clocks waking me up - an unexpected surprise!

  • Piano tech this evening...these rehearsals are usually pretty taxing for everyone, as it's where the technical aspects are fine tuned. The performers rarely get to move through a scene without the stage manager calling "hold, please." As an observer, though, it's a great opportunity to see the big impact little changes can make.

  • New arrivals coming to town this weekend to start coaching for opera #2 (or #3, depending on how you count) - it's always fun to welcome new folks, and welcome back old timers!

  • Work to-do list? Miles long. Suddenly. Things have totally been sneaking up on me, which is not so good, and a reminder that Outlook is indeed my friend...time to set reminders forward for next summer.

  • Home to-do list? Also miles long. Because we're moving in fourteen days. Fourteen. Days. O.M.G. Boy, do I wish that Pup knew how to use a tape gun...actually, I'd be stoked if he'd just stop eating my packing boxes...


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