A few short weeks ago, during the first Filene Center show, I was wearing wool socks and trying to stay warm...

... it's now so hot that I broke into a sweat just from typing the word "wool." It's 80 degrees and humid at 8:00am, and it's not even technically summer.


The heat-humidity combo has made tempers short and folks more irritable. (or maybe that's just me...) And for better or worse, opera is all about hot air...get a few dozen singers in a room doing their thing, and it gets toasty pretty quickly. Add heavy costumes, a crowded orchestra pit and spotty AC in our performance space and you have a situation that tests everyone's professionalism.

Luckily, our folks are true professionals.

The weather is supposed to break this evening, with big thunderstorms and drier air following. I know the pup would love to walk around the block without foaming at the mouth from the heat - cooler temperatures can't come soon enough!

Here's hoping that my motivation levels rise as the moisture levels in the air fall. I'm actually not sure they can get any lower...

On the to-do list?
  • pack. surprise, right?
  • review financials for a grant proposal
  • schedule a coaching for a singer in NYC
  • reconcile financials for a 2007 project
  • call a colleague at a southwestern opera house about tickets
  • company picnic (boy, am I glad I'm not manning the grill...)
  • take books in to work to give away
  • sweat profusely (hey, it's going to happen...this way I can check something off my list!)
  • start to reconcile budget expenses for opera #1...the thinking being if I can get my records into good shape now, it'll be easier to close the project out once the shops submit their numbers.
Opera #1 opens this weekend and it is fabulous - funny, beautifully sung and clocking in at a brisk 2 hours INCLUDING's like the best kind of operatic gelato. And it's in the air-conditioned can you say no?!

You can't. I'll see you there!
Stay cool, my friends!


Anonymous said…
Welcome back to the blog world. I missed you!!

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