pressure drop

Big storms came through again today...the air is nice and cool and pine-scented. Yum. We still have power, but due to a water main break we're supposed to boil our water for the next 3 days. Too bad I've packed all my pots and pans. Oh, Maryland, I'm ready to quit you! On another note, rehearsals started for Alcina today. New folks in the building, visits and classes from KK and DB and MG and more meetings than a usual day - busy, busy, busy!

Tomorrow's a big day: closing show #1, and Mom and R are visiting and seeing the concert on Wednesday. Big steps for mom...I hope she has a better time than she's setting herself up for.

Oh, and we're buying a new house. On Friday. And moving on Saturday. If I keep saying it, maybe I'll start believing it...crazy.


moe said…
new house, cool.
cool summer, not cool.

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