Procrastination central

Work is starting to really pick up...recital #1 is over, we're in tech for opera #1, and the singers & stage management team for opera #2 arrive tomorrow. Add into the mix studio rehearsals and scenework, an evening of improv for the Young Professionals Group, and language coachings. And then add in budget deadlines that are pushed back, supertitle scripts, ticket orders, numerous arrivals and departures and schedule requests. And you have the month of June at Wolf Trap Opera.

Add a parental visit and a household move to that, and you have Rahree's June.

It's a little overwhelming, mostly in the fact that I can't keep my head in the correct zone. When I'm at work? I'm trying to remember what I need to pack and do for the move. When I should be packing? I'm checking work email, IMing co-workers, and trying to remember what I need to do for the week ahead. Out of sync doesn't begin to describe it!

Today - 4 hours in at the office. 12 boxes packed. A little website editing before this house goes on the market. Every surface in my house is covered in maybes...should we take this or not? Do we need it or is it a security blanket of sorts? Does it still work? Still fit? Would it be more useful to someone else? Thoughtful purging is the bane of my existence...I would rather keep everything, or unilaterally give everything away. But I know I'd be totally irritated if, in a month or two, I ended up buying the same article that I had given away.

(Thank goodness for generous friends with boxes! Lots and lots of boxes! )

I'm throwing in the towel for the evening, and betting that a cool shower (the August-y is contributing to the out-of-sync feeling), a new coat of paint on the toenails, a little Advil, and a good night's sleep will get this train back on track. Choo-choo!


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