ways in which i know that this house is the right house

  1. Porch! With ceiling fans. On a quiet, tree-lined street.
  2. Gas stove! For the first time in six years...oh, how I missed you, my little blue-flamed sous chef.
  3. See #1.
  4. Chinese food, Mexican food, a deli, an ABC store and a 7-11 within 2 blocks.
  5. See #2.
  6. 4 grocery stores, 3 coffee shops, and more boutiques than you can shake sticks at within walking distance.
  7. See #1.
  8. A great singing acoustic throughout the house. I don't remember when I last sounded this good! Thank you, hardwood floors!
  9. See #2.
  10. Neighborhood dog park. The pup was frothing at the mouth with excitement at the start of his first outing to the dog park. Like a rabid beastie. Seriously.
  11. See #1.
  12. I had a great dream about my dad last night. Nothing house related, but lovely and real and so welcome.
  13. See #2.
  14. HUGE bathroom with spa tub.
  15. See #1.

And that's just scratching the surface, folks. It's a good place. Stop by soon!


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