we're in!

The move went smoothly [insert laxative joke here], and we are happily ensconced among towers of boxes in our sweet Virginia home! Still much more to organize and put away, but the triple luxuries of full basement, storage shed, and two - count 'em, two - walk-in closets are making things much easier. All of those things that my inner packrat wants to keep can go into one of the three aforementioned spaces, to wait for the time that I need a crystal candy dish or a thermal carafe. (Or, more realistically, until we move again and we open the boxes to discern what in heaven's name we been holding onto for so long...)

The transition, while fairly smooth from a human perspective was less fun for the critters. Kitty howled through the 10-minute car ride (and for about 2 hours afterwards). Once we got inside, he broke free of the bathroom's narrow confines and made a break for the basement, where he wedged himself into the tiniest spot between an air duct and the rafters and hid for the better part of the day. The dog followed me into the basement to look for the cat, and couldn't get up the stairs...he was stuck for almost 2 hours, crying and running frustratedly around the basement. (I would've carried him out if I could've but he's a super-squirmy 90 pounds and, well, I'm a muscular wimp.) If the cable guys hadn't given him all kinds of attention when they came to set things up and then coaxed him up the stairs, he would've been stuck even longer!

So I woke up in Maryland at 5:30 am, and was in Virginia by 8 am. My stuff arrived at 12:30pm [and I have a great recommendation if you need movers - these guys were GOOD!], and we were cutting boxes open by 12:35pm. Around dinnertime we ordered pizza, and some good friends came by to visit and brought champagne and a baby daughter. The dog settled down, the cat ventured out of the basement (poor guy, smelling all musty and covered in dust!), and we sat on the front porch and chatted. It was, all in all, a lovely day, and a fitting way to start my 36th year on earth; in transition, and for maybe the first time in my life, enjoying it.


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