I've tried 4 different times to actually capture the morning in prose. It's not so much working.

It's due, I'm sure, to the battleground that is my schedule. Working until midnight-ish doesn't jive so well with waking up at 5:30am with the critters. And I'm sleepy enough that I'm not using the early morning time to take care of myself, other than taking the hound for a spin between big-cup-of-coffee number 1 and 2. I should be tidying the house, taking a vitamin, going for a jog, getting my toes done, anything to keep the momentum going until a nap-worthy day emerges. Which will be a few, manageable, days from now, so it'll all even out soon. Right?

Not to say that the morning hasn't been quite pleasant - Sunday paper, stroll with the pup, coffees 1 and 2, raisin-walnut-pumpernickel bread (from the neighborhood bakery...can I say again how much I LOVE the new house & neighborhood?!), and the iPod shuffle picking up Pete Yorn, the Weepies, Toad the Wet Sprocket, CSN, Shawn Colvin...excellent morning music.

And not to say that work hasn't been pleasant, as well. Sure, there are a gajillion things going on, and I've dropped more balls than is really acceptable...which makes me feel a little slimy...but with the volume of things happening, there's not the time to really beat myself up. (Later...that time will come later) But we've accomplished good work (hello, 2009 budget!), had some great conversations, and the music has been simply awesome...Dame Kiri, Marvin's pops spectacular (with the lovely and talented JvE hopping last-minute on the the Music Theater train!) and a Handel masterpiece in 3 days? It's an embarrassment of riches, truly.

But there's a peculiar kind of daydreaming that I tend to engage in at this point in the summer. It always revolves around what I'm going to do differently when my life reverts back to my own possession. I love the summer - it's the fun, challenging culmination of months worth of work! But the combination of cumulative fatigue, a touch of mid-life crisis (Last year at this time I wouldn't have called it that, but if I follow in my dad's footsteps I'm already past the halfway mark...talk about changed perspective. Wow.), and a desire to do something dad-worthy are making me a little restless today, wondering how to frame life post-summer.

So to today's To Do list, I'll add the following:
  • new moleskine notebook
  • new good pen
  • write it all down
Here's to selective transformations, to caring for oneself and others, and to stolen quiet time.


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