Dog. Keeps. Exploding.

But only between the hours of 10pm and 5am.

For the last 4 nights.

Sleep is at a premium.

Work is suffering, as it's one of the most challenging weeks we'll have this summer, even without the sleep deprivation.

Play is suffering, as I can't bring myself to do anything in the evenings except nap and worry, and have missed some lovely opportunities.

And because even easy tasks are difficult when I'm tired, I'm finding myself frustrated at the smallest things that aren't working.


Hoping that the poor pup is feeling better this evening, and that if not tomorrow's vet visit [3rd in 2 weeks...maybe I should just write them into my will...] will fix him.

And wishing that there was still some of that lovely, orderly, heartbreakingly beautiful music from Alcina still floating around to clear my head... maybe popping into Vienna Woods or Ariadne will help rejuvenate this box of rocks on my shoulders.


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