Humpday...well, not really

It's Wednesday!

Which means it's halfway to the weekend for you 9-5ers, but for us it's a little like having a second Tuesday or third Monday in the week...if you count week's end as a day without opera, we're a ways away.

We've reached critical mass: if you look at this week, from last Sunday to next Sunday [I know, a week +1], our little troupe will have:
  • performed Candide at the FC for a few thousand of our closest friends
  • started the improv opera project with your friend and mine, JD
  • opened [2 performances] a new production of Alcina
  • started recital rehearsals with SB
  • performed for the WT Associates
Layer 3 full [14+ hour] days of National Symphony Orchestra performances, intern reviews and 2009 budget deadlines on top of it and, well, you understand our week!

But it's an exciting day - our second opera, Alcina, has its final dress rehearsal this evening. While it's still a working rehearsal, we invite friends and family to watch and listen. It lends the occasion a little more gravity, and allows the performers to push back against the energy in the room. The colors in this production, vocal, instrumental, as well as in the physical production, are just amazing...saturated, vibrant...breathtaking. This is a gorgeous piece, and I think we're all ready to share it with the larger world.

On the domestic front, since it's a late evening I'm going in a little later to work today... am taking the pup to the dog park to run around, and then the lovely SingleGirl is going to check in on him this evening for a walk. I haven't told him that his girlfriend is visiting, but he'll be pleasantly surprised!


moe said…
great googly-moogly eyes.
Busy, busy, busy.
My butt hurts.

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