sweeping out the attic

This morning [and, truth be told, last night] was full of enough petty annoyances and tiny heartbreaks to weigh pretty heavily on me. Nothing terrible, just cumulative yuck.

But this morning is the first orchestra reading for Alcina. No singers, just a wild array of instruments, many of unusual size, shape, and sound. The rehearsal is relaxed, CameraMan is leading the group with calm command, and the ensemble between musicians is growing stronger with each piece. After listening to the cd for months and sitting in on rehearsals, it's a treat to hear the musical underpinnings. The structure of the music, the innate order, without the captivating vocal fireworks is much more contemplative... it's a little like having the floor of my brain swept clean.

Good stuff.

I'm all for art challenging me, making me think...but sometimes it's nice to have it set me at ease.


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