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egress: the act of going out or leaving; exit.

While it's most certainly not over, the season is winding down...the daily schedule puzzle is easier to craft, and singers are planning their exits from the woods of Vienna. It's a bittersweet time for us, certainly...on one hand, it means that we get our lives back to some degree, that we're not so conspicuously on call, that we can actually take weekends and evenings away from the office. But it also means that it gets eerily quiet in the office, that there's no chance of washing away a frustrating meeting by popping into rehearsal to take in some Handel or Strauss, that the spreadsheets I've been putting off must finally be reconciled.

Yet, at the same time we're winding down we're ramping up for the fall audition season. Already we've received inquiries about the process, when the application will be available, what cities we'll be hearing singers in. Yeesh...the poster's not even finished yet! So we're working on web pages and PDF applications and colleague letters, tweaking application requirements, and trying to remember what worked and what didn't from last year.

I had a professor in undergrad who used to say, (imagine a gruff, male voice) "Always have something in the wings, another project to move onto. If you get a great review and dwell on it, your head'll get big. If you get a bad review you'll be depressed and it'll be harder to keep going." So, while this transition seems a little wonky, I'm finding it good to keep looking forward.

What I'm looking most forward to in the next few weeks:


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