two in a row!

two days off, in a row, that is. [although I like BG's query "Two days or two martinis?" Both, my good friend...both.]

at this time of year, to have two consecutive days out of the office is a real treat... and while most of the day will be spent running errands and addressing the twin mountains of dirty laundry and animal hair, there will also be time set aside for some trashy-magazine reading, an extra iced coffee on the porch, and a home-made pedicure.


this summer has, in many ways, totally escaped my reach. while we're still in rehearsal for two projects, i've jumped to autumn in my mind...auditions, prepping for a class i'll be teaching, contemplating post-season vacation plans. but before the magic leaves the building for the summer, i'm looking forward to spending some time in rehearsal watching and listening to one of my most favorite operas of. all. time.

and i'm off - lookie me being all productive!


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