We've entered the part of summer that we'd dub "hell week" if it were truly only a week long. There are several big projects starting or culminating this week, which is exciting and a little nerve-wracking. Add into the mix several symphony shows at the large theater and it makes for a stretch of very long days. My coping strategies, in no particular order:
  • Snacks. while this shouldn't be a stress-reliever, it is. a major one. thank goodness the office is at the top of several flights of stairs at the FC, so it usually balances out.
  • Starbucks. don't judge me.
  • Sleep. with earplugs and tylenol pm if need be. it takes me so long to unwind after a show that the rest of my earlybird household will wake me after a few hours if I forget the earplugs.
  • Comfortable shoes. this is not the week for my lovely hoochie heels. No leopard print, no pewter patent leather t-straps, no nothing. Maybe the Nike Air heels for a few hours, but it seems highly unlikely. And while flats are back in, I still can't find any that I think are really cute.
  • A positive attitude. Hoping that, if I trust for the best [and prepare for the worst, naturally] that things will go smoothly. It's a philosophy that fits in quite well with tonight's performance, don't you think?
Fingers crossed that today goes smoothly, and more quickly than it could. I'm off to Starbucks. Don't judge. :)


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