wow, is your face supposed to be that color?

I'm no athlete.

Hell, I'm not even particularly coordinated...and I have the bruises to prove it!

But, as part of this mild mid-life crisis, I've decided to spend a little less time sitting on my fanny, and a little more moving around. And since today was a day off from work, it seemed a perfect day to begin.

So the pup [who is, thankfully, no longer exploding. knock on wood!] and I took a 3 mile walk this morning, checking out the neighborhood businesses and various patches of monkey grass. I picked up an obscene number of fresh-baked loaves of bread en route, because I made no dietary concessions as part of this activity-resolution. Hell, I should be able to eat MORE carbs due to the upped level of activity! Right? Hmmmm....

And then I took a little jog...probably not much more than a mile, mile-and-a-half, but that's a real stretch for yours truly. I signed up for a 5k at work, in part to shame myself into running more often...nothing says collegiality like huffing through an easy run with a purple face, unable to make small talk because you can't talk for wheezing, right? So I'm trying to go 3-4 times a week for the next few weeks, just to see if I can maintain it. We'll see, but I'm feeling pretty good about it.

And THEN I thought, well, I'm all sweaty and gross, why not take my bike out and see if I remember how to ride it? It's been about a year, but I know that Hubby had it serviced, so it'll be fine. Pulled it out of the shed, and noticed that there were toe clips on it.

Toe. Clips.

(scroll back to sentence #2 at the top...I'll wait for you...)

And you'll never believe it, but when I braked, I couldn't get my toes out of the toe clips!


No lasting damage other than a totally bruised ego, and the feeling that I may have overdone things. The upside is that now I'm completely justified in sitting on my porch, with my legs elevated, reading and napping. Aaaaahhhhhh...

I'll post later about the last 2 weeks at work...they've been totally chock-full of great music and petty annoyances and brilliance and stupidity, sometimes even simultaneously. We're in rehearsal for a few NSO shows and (drumroll, please!) the last show of the summer... and if you're at all an opera buff and don't have tickets for this last opera, you're a fool! Go buy them now! It's going to be THAT. GOOD.


ava said…
wow - you really dove into "moving around" headfirst. sorry if that's an unintentional pun! we'll have to trade bike accident stories in Houston this fall... xoxo

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