bitte nicht stoeren!

Do not disturb indeed...

I'm still not able to do much more than recap...waiting for sufficient brain cells to regenerate so that I can smack a few of 'em together and get some original content. That day is, unfortunately, not today.

We closed our last show on Tuesday, and sent everyone home on Wednesday. The boss and I took Wednesday off, too...I felt like I had been hit by a bus, and I'm sure that she did too. But I'm not taking time off until the beginning of September, so I was in the office Thursday morning.

And all hell broke loose.

I know, realistically, that all hell did not, in face, break loose. The crises were manageable, certainly. But it felt like everyone needed their pound of flesh RIGHT THIS SECOND. I'm sure that we've been saying, "Please, just give us until the season's over and we'll give you some content/numbers/narrative that's correct and clean." And they waited until the day after the last show before they hit us up...I get it, a day to collect our thoughts and whatnot. But there's a lot of cumulative fatigue that hits us at the end of the season...for 3 months we're not 9-5ers, we're doing everything from ferrying singers to shipping HUGE boxes to trying to account for the thousands of dollars we spend doing what we do. Even with the awesome admin team that we had in place this summer, we still get run down, still run low on psychic energy, still need a few days to find the tops of our desks... (well, maybe that's just me.)

So what did they get yesterday? Fiction. No real numbers, no concise verbage, just whatever I could manage to slap down before the deadline hit. Yep...made me feel more than a little irritated, and more than a little slimy. Rahree simply wasn't in the office yesterday, it was her evil twin Grumpy Bitchslewski.

But today? Today will be a better day. I'm leaving the overhead light off, turning my iTunes down low enough so that I'm the only one who can hear it, and digging out. I'm going to tie up loose ends, ignore the phone, clear off my desk, postpone anything that has to do with numbers (there are times when I'm a numbers whiz...but when I'm fatigued and punchy I can easily do more harm than good.), and cut out a little early so that I can pick up dessert for a nice dinner with the neighbors across the street.

And, to get back to a habit that made me less grumpy, here's my five reasons to be thankful and happy today:
  1. the conclusion of a seriously kick-ass summer season
  2. beautiful, gorgeous, amazing weather for days and it!
  3. new friends
  4. time to reflect
  5. morning walks (in sweats and bedhead!) around town with the pup
Have a great weekend!


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