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so, while things are slower, i still don't have two brain cells to rub together... here's an all-too-brief wrap up that should've been several months of posting.

  • The new house is still awesome! The old house is, sadly, not on the market yet pending some additional work. You should totally buy it! Here's the link. All of those posts I used to write about walking in a beautiful, huge-mongous park? YOU could be writing those posts! On your own blog! Wouldn't that be fun?
  • The National Symphony residency, nine concerts plus our Candide, is finished. Per usual, there was some outstanding music making...the humor of the Monty Python oratorio, the suspense of the Hitchcock film night, the power of Tchaik and Beethoven...all wonderful. There are many, many people at the NSO that I adore, but there are unfortunately a handful of musicians with elitist, opportunistic attitudes that just about ruined the last evening for me. I've been trying lately to follow the rules, to not act like I'm above or beyond them, because I get so unreasonably angry with the rampant entitlement issues in the greater DC area. I'm sure there's a longer rant in here, but I'll spare you. For now...
  • Sat in on an Ariadne rehearsal today...I can't even tell you how exciting it is!
  • Meeting Eric Idle this summer? Priceless. Watching Jill and her sheep onstage was another highlight of the show!
  • Meeting Jason Alexander and NOT calling him George to his face? Also priceless.
  • Our Studio Singers, along with their fearless leader JW, have all departed for fairer destinations. It was a lovely, talented, fearless group, and they did us proud. You'll be seeing many of those names in the future...
Well, if you're wrapping up, that means there's so little to do that you're probably sitting at work, streaming YouTube videos and eating bonbons, right Rahree?


Our online application for fall auditions will be up within the next day or so, and the audition madness will begin. We have a big project that will hopefully be completed by the holidays, but there's work to be done now to get it ready. And I'm heading back into the classroom to teach a five-week voice class for busy adults...low pressure and lots of silly fun!

More Heinz posts [ketchup, catch up...get it?!?] soon.


Unknown said…
This is just Jim Means showing Gail Luley yer big ol' BLOG!!
rahree said…
sweeeeet! stop by anytime, camerata friends! :)

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