bullet points

The picture is of my desired state of mind...not quite there yet...

Quick recap:
  • This weekend's show? Fan-freaking-TAS-tic. Ranking high on my list of all-time favorite theater moments.

  • My house? Officially on the market. Let the barfing begin... seriously, buying a house now seems WAY easier than selling one.

  • The weather? finally starting to feel like August. Which is unfortunate, as I'm working the Boston Pops show on Tuesday. Sweatin' to the oldies indeed...

  • My mood? Preoccupied. My mind is consistently in a different place than my body.

  • My body? Fat and tired. 'Nuff said.

  • My hair? Growing it out. When will science tackle the really hard projects, like inventing a pill that will make hair grow quickly enough to get it past that awkward stage? Because I could really use that pill right now.

  • My husband? Stressed. To the max. We're both more than a little uptight.

  • The animals? Loving 3:00am. I don't know why. Little bastards.

So I guess the update is that the season is awesome but almost over, I'm wound tight as a piano string, and we're just hoping that someone likes our old house as much as we did...and that they like it quickly...


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