Checking things off the list

It's a perfect day!

The weather is drop-dead gorgeous, more like an early autumn day than the armpit of August. There's no humidity, a gentle breeze, and birds singing in the trees, and just enough clouds in the sky to provide variety from my spot on the porch. (weather: check!)

No office time scheduled today, either. (work: check!)

I did go exploring...first with the dog on a new path around town, and then into a nearby town to visit LaJefa and SingleGirl's favorite was total carnage, I tell you. But I now have enough stories to keep my fanny on the porch for at least a day-and-a-half. AMM, you are too generous, and the dent in my couch thanks you, as I've no reason at all to leave it with this many books! (exercise: check!) (trying new things: check!) (stretching my mind: check!)

I opened every window in the house, and spent quite a bit of time practicing piano between laundry loads and snacking and, well, reading. The nails are cut to a reasonable [read: non-audible] length, and while I totally suck it feels good to pound around. I gave the lawnmower guys a run for their money with some Beethoven, too! They won in the volume category, but I totally got bonus points for style. Being surrounded by kick-ass musicians all summer has its ups and downs...they're totally inspiring [up!], but they really highlight what I could've done had I just practiced more... [oooh, down!] On days like today, though, it seems like getting back into shape is the most obvious, natural thing to do. (doing chores: check!) (doing something musical: check!) (introspection: check!)

I should drive over to the old house to clean up and start staging, but it's too nice out, and quite frankly getting a little late to deal with weekend Beltway traffic. (procrastination: check!) So I think I'll just keep doing what I'm doing, with maybe a little run to the store later. I hope you're all having a relaxing Friday - if you're still at work, just tell them that Rahree says that you need to go home. Now. And wave as you drive away.


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