finish line

the opera season is over.

and i'm feeling it. more accurately, i'm feeling like i was hit by a bus.

couple that with some lovely, cool, rainy weather, and my nesting instinct has clicked into overdrive.

the dent in my couch is remembering the shape of my fanny. i've skimmed through more magazines in the past 3 days than i have all summer. i made scones...from scratch...before 9am. i've only left the house if shopping or martinis were part of the deal. i'm already pondering what i'm going to make for dinner and it's practically the butt-crack of dawn.


the pup and i took a long walk through town this morning. it started to rain as we walked, and then it started to pour. while any normal person would've picked up the pace and jogged the dog home, we just kept walking at a leisurely pace, taking time to sniff all the things that he wanted to sniff. we wandered around, listening to the rain fall, watching the stream run, watching the traffic splash by. neither one of us melted.

so here's a lazy friday five:
  • reflecting on a job well done
  • manhattans made with dad's favorite bourbon
  • window shopping
  • small, positive changes
  • crock pot dinners on rainy days


nanah91 said…
My love,
who do you think taught your dad to drink those manhattens?
C'est moi...xx's & oo's

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