saturday miscellany

Leading off with my five for today:
  • Lazy Saturday mornings...this one a little moreso than usual, due to the flowing conversation (and wine!) with our neighbors last night.
  • The Farmer's Market. Check out my kitchen windowsill and try to tell me that you're not coming over for dinner tonight...
  • Health...while my "run" yesterday was fairly disastrous, the fact that I can haul my fat ass around the neighborhood when I choose to is a blessing. My usual modus operandi, when "taking care of myself" is to feed my soul through my mouth. I think I may be ready to rework that structure...more on that in a moment.
  • Naps. I'm not very good at taking them, but I think I'll give it a shot this afternoon...
  • The 'shed. I've had some time to practice over the last week, and not only do I sound AWESOME in this house of all hardwood floors, but it's making me really happy to make some noise. The pup is of a decidedly different opinion: anytime I hit a note above (vocal) C4, either singing or just playing the piano, he gets irritated and tries to distract me with a toy.
So two things to share. Oh wait, three. First off, please buy my Maryland house. Seriously. It's yours. And it's gorgeous. It's teeny, but it's safe and quiet and near one of the mostest beautiful parks ever. (I apologize, but you know I have to slip a plug in until it's sold...)

We were invited to dinner last night at our neighbor's house. A and M live across the street: A owns a catering business, and M helps. They've been married for 2 years, together for 10. They have kids from their first marriages, one still at home. They're both from Ecuador, A from the mountains and M from the coast. They have a teeny tiny yorkie named Sergio. And they are lovely, warm, fun folks. We stayed much later than we had intended, drank and ate (the food! omg!!!) more than we had intended, and had a fabulous time. It was another cosmic reinforcement that this is a good place to be...although I'm afraid the bar has been set very high for our turn at hosting. Somehow I don't think take-out will do!

And in other news, I signed up for a 5k. I have until the end of October to get myself running ("running"...I'm sooooo funny!) a decent distance in a manner that won't embarrass myself. I downloaded a training program, am setting out my gear so that I can really start. I think the big goal will eventually be a 10k, but I'm starting small. And I'm going to write a little here about it. It's a habit that I'll hopefully be able to continue on the audition tour [note to MUST make room for the sneakers, no matter how small that suitcase is...] and through the holidays. Please feel free to check in, support or smack talk, or to join me virtually or IRL. And if you have good tunes to suggest for the iPod, please send them my way! I almost didn't finish yesterday, but a Robert Randolph tune that Singlegirl had given me started and gave me enough of a groove to keep going. I didn't win any style points, but it's a little early for that, anyway.

So here's the (thankfully!) short to-do list for today:
  • map out a 5k loop that starts and ends at my house. one without cheating shortcuts is what I'm hoping to find...we'll see if I'm successful.
  • clean the house- the one in which i live, as opposed to the one in which I don't live.
  • slow roast some of those lovely veggies for supper tonight...mmmmmm....
  • find a recipe for cream scones, and doctor it to use some of the dried cherries I have in the cupboard.
  • nap.
Raise your hand if you think I should start with that last one... :)


ACB said…
Chromeo!! Awesome new take on 80s synth music. Great for groovin'!!
rahree said…
Thanks - love it!

and btw, that video is seriously awesome...taking me back to dire straits "money for nothin" soooo sweet!

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