seller's remorse?

Day off from work today. Time to make like my boss and do more work on my day off than I do in the office.

We spent the day at the old house. We tidied up, watered the grass, washed the walls, scrubbed the tub, painted shelves and scuffmarks, hung pictures, vacuumed (and, by the way, do you know how hard it is to make those nice vacuuming patterns on plushy rugs? it's hard!), snarked at each other, watched the dog eat dirt, and marveled at how darn good the house looks!

Truth be told, it's nice enough to move back into.

But now I'm back in my happy little blue house, rarin' to wash the grime [and paint and sweat and dirt] off. Yep, it's all about gettin' clean, gettin' a glass of vino, and gettin''s an early bedtime for me tonight, because the big excitement is tomorrow - opening night of the last show of the season. Toi toi toi to the cast - I know you'll RAWK!

Wanna read about the show? Click here.
Wanna buy [or just look at] my Maryland house? Click here.


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