training day 1

After a week of feeling achy and gross, I started my running challenge in earnest today! Go, me!

I downloaded an 8-week 5k training program from iTunes (Personal Running Trainer), strapped on the running shoes and the iPod, and hit the road. It's an interval workout, with the first week consisting of 10 sets of one-minute runs followed by 2 minute walks. The music is a kind of ambient techno...enough rhythm to make sure that I don't slack off during the walks, but not so involved that I'm not listening to my body or, more importantly, traffic.

I should mention that I've run a 5k once before, and my training regimen consisted of getting up at 5:30am, and throwing myself around the icy streets of Pittsburgh, PA for as long as I could stand it, and then bonking during 6th period and letting my classes run rampant all over the school.

This seems like a much more enjoyable alternative.

I've written before about how I dream about my dreams I'm SUPER fast, it's easy and exhilarating. (I know, "In your dreams, sucka!) In reality, the oom-pah butt and the wheezing and the slow pace are, quite frankly, a little depressing. But, because the running interval was so short [even a little too short for fatty me!], I could really run all-out. The longer stride, the wind in my, well, hat [bedhead is too scary for the neighbors to behold], the sprint (hahahaha!) past the trail maintenance group were all pretty exciting. I got home feeling good, sweaty, but not exhausted or sick or wimpy. Yay!

So here's today's list of five things i'm thankful/grateful for:
  1. positive outlook
  2. being pleasantly surprised
  3. the end of summer (i know, i'm one of the only ones...)
  4. sore muscles
  5. working toward a goal


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