5k training week 2, day 1

...sucked. Ugh.

The running intervals were twice as long, and the recovery intervals half of last week's length. And rather than sticking with a route that I knew, I decided to get adventurous...and ended up at the bottom of a hill every time the voice in my earphones said "Time for your run....ready? Go."


It was hard.

I didn't keep track of where I was in the program, and ended up really running it out much too early...that coupled with the aforementioned hills and I was a red-faced, heaving, sweaty mess. I had to pause the track a few times to walk and catch my breath...


I didn't skip anything, and actually tacked an extra interval on the end. (My penance for not being able to do the whole routine with no stops.)

The next two runs increase the running time, but keep the recovery time the same, and there are fewer repeats. I'm anticipating more suckage this week; more cursing at hills and my fat ass, more stares from passers-by wondering if my face is supposed to be lobster-colored, more frightened neighborhood children. (But hey - maybe I have my Halloween costume? Scary running lady?)

But I'm committed. And I will be throwing myself through at least 2 more runs this week. Maybe I'll even repeat today, just to make sure that it was the hills that were the problem. Because, as I sit here on the porch, I feel better for having done it. (Physically, that is...mentally I'm totally embarrassed by how hard it was.) And that makes it worth it.

And because the voice-over dude in my earphones says that it's next week that things get more intense.


Here's some video of my pooch, who has no problem with running. We got hit with oodles of rain from Tropical Storm Hanna, and he was thrilled with the pond that formed in the ditch. (Forgive my screechy voice.)


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