bullet points...

...are a total copout. And yet here we go!

  • Up before dawn this morning...and rather than hit the snooze button I put the leash on the dog and headed into town. I absolutely love waking up on my feet...doing a mental and physical inventory, watching the sky lighten, getting my brain moving along with my feet. So, even though the hound is the occasional PITA (pain-in-the...), I'm glad for the morning companionship.
  • I haven't run since last week. And I'm starting to miss it. Teaching after work until late this evening, so today's not the day. But tomorrow? Most definitely. I may try to be a badass and skip a week in the training program...and I may die a hot, sweaty mess on the pavement. Stay tuned!
  • Did I mention I'm teaching after work? A beginner voice class. It's super fun, and this week we're just singing...the frustration will be, as always, not enough time to spend with each person individually. So do I open up a night each week and take some private students? Dunno...things will be pretty busy this year. Still thinking about it.
  • Went to Deep Creek this weekend. Met some awesome friends out there, and made some cool new friends, too. And the dog? In the water? Priceless...we couldn't get him out. And hubby was just as happy as the dog to hang out on the dock, feet in the water. Remind me why I don't live there full-time?
  • Came home last night from work - I'll preface this by saying that I had been home to check on the dog less that 3 hours prior to getting home in the evening. Opened the door, and the dog was by my side, tail between his legs, shaking. For the better part of the evening he was submissive and cowed, and I couldn't figure out why. I think the cat knocked something over in the bathroom that made a big noise and scared the dog. Which means that I definitely do NOT have a guard dog in my house...so all you would-be robbers, just bring a crash box or yell really loud, and you can have anything you want. Sheesh.
  • The biggest news? We sold our house on Friday!!! After a month and a half of prep, we had a contract in about six days, and closed last week. The new couple that purchased it were awesome - just married, and in very similar circumstances to hubby and I when we bought it 5 years ago. And the best part? No extra mortgage, and a more relaxed hubby. YAY!
  • And since I'm now officially a Virginia resident, I'm off to the DMV for a new license. So that I can register to vote absentee, since we'll be in Houston on the audition tour on Election Day. I won't weigh in on either side, but I do hope you're voting. Because if you don't vote? You don't get to bitch or crow about the outcome.


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