Greetings from the Great White North!

Ok, so western Pennsylvania isn't exactly the great white north, but now that I'm a card-carrying Southerner I'm allowed to call it that...but only if I'm speaking with a drawl, I suppose. I'm glad I recapped on Tuesday, because the rest of the week has been a bit of a whirlwind.

Work is going well..things are a little more relaxed, which is a bit of a double-edged sword. I'm so much more productive when there are a million things to do, and while I'm sure that there are infact a million things to do, I'm not writing them down, and they're totally passing me by. Resolution #1 for next week: start keeping a to-do list. In ink, because the computer-generated ones simply aren't working...

We've also started doing preliminary screenings for audition applicants...not to nag, but the deadlines are coming up quickly!

Just finished run #2 for week 3...yup, I totally fell behind. And I was just going to skip day 2 and go right to day 3 but I'm in western Pennsylvania. And it's hilly. Reeeeaaaallllyy hilly. And adding that extra minute to each interval, while mentally totally doable, was not practically applicable. (Read: couldn't make my ass go that extra minute.)Usually taking a few days off makes me feel better when I'm running, but today totally sucked. Gasping during the first interval, how-can-every-direction-always-be-uphill suckiness. On a positive note, it shows a basic deficit, so I know I need to do more hill climbs. Too bad I hate them with an unholy passion...

But the mostest fun part of this weekend at Mom's? Meet Hudson, the newest member of the family! He's only 8 weeks old...and he's HUGE! He's a type of Newfoundland, a Landseer. We drove to just south of Cleveland to get him, and he's a total doll...puppy breath, big feet, and he feels just like a wooly bear caterpillar...the biggest wolly bear caterpillar EVER! Mom's totally going to have to check my car to make sure I don't smuggle him back to Virginny... I love this little fuzzbucket!

Tomorrow? Day 3 of week three. Keep me honest, people. :)


ACB said…
That's a PUPPY?!?!? He's enormous!! And so cute. I would smuggle him home, too!

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