Grrrr... (venting below: be warned.)

Maybe it's just that kind of day, but I'm out of sorts.

I ran this morning, but the announcer dude messed up in the middle of the workout and didn't give me my earned break, which got me feeling pissy and angry.

Got a voicemail from mom in tears...called her this morning, hours after she initially called, and she's still crying. And I'm so far away. There's not a thing I can do...heartbreaking and so frustrating.

Talked to my brother, and he's caught up in his own issues that are affecting his livelihood - he tries to do the right thing, and is suffering because others aren't so scrupulous.

Looking down the barrel of a long day, made longer by this nasty attitude I'm harboring and the level of distractions.

And, since I'm growling, and am at work, one work-related growl. Please, opera company applicants, send us a headshot that at least looks professional, even if it's not. Cutesy poses, hair that obscures your face (! Seriously? How am I supposed to know what you look like when I can't SEE. YOUR. FACE?), obvious retouching, a shot that's more than 5 years old (we can tell. I promise.), these things do you no favors. None at all. You've been warned.


UPDATE: I emailed the nice man who created the 5k workout about the miscues, and he not only took the time to write me back, but also gave me a g.c. for my trouble...he said that out of the hundreds of people who have downloaded the workout, I'm the only one who has written to him with a correction. I'm going to have to go back again, and make sure that I didn't hallucinate and miss an actual cue. Anyway, his name is Justin, and you can find his site at


carol niren said…
So cool...I love your blog! I can just hear you as I remember from the good old Ellis days! Thanks to Lessslie's blog list, I have enjoyed your writing (you look fabulous, love the darker hair). Keep running, smiling and sharing--- Best, Carol Niren

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