Hell, yeah!


after a weekend full of family and fun,

and maybe an adult beverage or three,

on a day that, according to the weather service, would be better spent inside due to heat and humidity akin to what you'd find in my brother's armpit,

shortly after noon (=full sun),

Rahree finished week two of her training program.

And I not only finished it, but I finished it without totally dying.

(although you can't tell from the shade of my face in the photo, can you...)

After totally boinking on the last two runs, today was actually a little easier. Maybe it was because it was a totally stupid day and time to run? Maybe because it was the most difficult workout to date?

Or maybe it was just because I rock.

Take that, bitches!

[And by bitches, I mean my lazy, fat, soon-to-be alter ego. Crisco, begone!]

If you're interested, here's the program I'm using. You can buy it on iTunes, too.

To celebrate? Dinner and a show with friends. It feels well deserved, and will be a nice way to wrap up the week.


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