My colleagues rock!

I've written often about how much I enjoy my job...the work is interesting, different daily, and the folks I work with are class acts. Case in point to the left. A few weeks ago we were at the International Children's Festival with Moe and the niece and nephew. We were walking toward the exit when we saw a little boy alone, hiding behind a tree. Obviously separated from his group, he was crying and trying to avoid detection. The picture at left is of the Senior Veep in my company...yep, you read that right. She is responsible for soooo much at work, and yet she dropped everything to help this lost little guy. Here's the conversation:

Everything ended up fine, but it took a while to get him to stop sobbing
enough understand him:
his name: Rashid
age: 5
brother's name: Khalid
brother's age: 7
who drove you here? - my brother
your 7 year old brother drove you here? - yes
was there a grown up with you? - no
was there a big person with you? - yes
was it your mom or dad or grandmother or... - no
who was the grown up? - I don't know
what do they look like? - gray shirt and glasses
man or woman? - I don't know (!!!)
when did your brother get lost? (telling him it was his brother who was
lost, not him, made him feel better :))

Anyway, eventually I had enough info to give to the Rangers, and Central
sent 2 Rangers to us.

Rashid was totally freaked out by the 2 big guys in uniforms, even
smiling big guys, and started to back away, but when I told him they
were Rangers, he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Are you a Power Ranger?" (I swear!)
P.J. said "No, I'm a Ranger, but I don't have special powers" and that
was close enough to a superhero for the kid.
He wrapped P.J. in bear hug and off they went to find the brother.

The lesson here? You're never too big, too important to be nice to someone. Adventures of an Opera Singer has a similar take. And it's a lesson that's lived daily by the folks I work with.

Today's five?
  1. Lazy cups of coffee with good friends - I can't believe it's been 17 years since "Aquarius" at Roselawn... so good to see you, K & T!!!
  2. Living within walking distance of good music.
  3. Two good, silly animals.
  4. A small to-do list.
  5. The possibility of some retail therapy.


It's hard to believe the Power Rangers still have influence on kids these days. Touching story. Thanks for the link.

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