out of whack

we had a semi-exploding puppy this morning at 4am. and shortly after that we had a needy, it's-really-nice-outside-let's-play puppy...this following a late evening on the porch with the neighbors and more wine than i should acknowledge in a public forum.

it's only 2pm

and my body is convinced that it's 5 or 6pm. i can't get my inner clock to match up with the one on the wall. i'm evidently on west coast time...

the good news? it's labor day. so i'm spending a labor-free day making chicken chili [toss chopped-up chicken and a few cans of beans and such into a crockpot. forget about crockpot until the house begins to smell like heaven. grab tortilla chips, cheese. use extreme willpower to keep yourself from cracking the lid until dinnertime.] and reading two (! the decadence!) books (a Jason Bourne book and The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett) on the couch on my front porch.

i had potato chips for lunch.

at some point, i'll take the dog for a long walk. if i get motivated i'll go for a "run."

but most likely i'll call my mom and brother, make a to-do list for tomorrow, and go to bed early.

here's hoping that your labor day, if not labor-free, is full of the things that you like to do!

my 5:
  1. long, scenic drives in the country
  2. good wine
  3. clearing the air
  4. dawn
  5. time to daydream


KT said…
I hope you love The Pillars of the Earth - it's really great!!

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