pictures from the weekend

Scenes from the International Children's Festival at Wolf Trap. These were from the claymation booth in the Arts & Technology Pavilion...

...and these were from the light drawing booth..

The technology exhibits were super cool, and even more impressive in that the vast majority of them were run by teenagers in tech programs from area schools.

We saw the New York Goofs, Scrap Arts (Awesome percussions ensemble who make their instruments from recycled materials - very cool!) some Kung Fu demostrations, Jordanian dance, and visited booths for different activities. The kids were given passports, and got stamps for visiting each of the different booths. It was a steamy day, and we stayed for about four hours before we all melted and ran home to the ac.

These pics are presented courtesy of Mr. Bubble and a jacuzzi tub. When we bought this house we hadn't counted on the appeal of the big bathtub with the jets, but it was a HUGE hit!

We had a great time this weekend with Mo, and Niece and Nephew! And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm ready for my nap...


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