Talk fast!

there's totally not enough time this morning for a thoughtful, well-written blog post AND a shower before I go to work. So here's bullet points! (Delivered with enthusiasm!)

  • Brother, niece and nephew coming into town for the weekend! Childrens' Festival! Mexican Breakfast! Drinks with SingleGirl! Building forts with the piano and an air mattress! Fun!
  • Dog-related neck problems...taking one more day to loosen up before training day 3. Feeling slothful! Hooray for muscle relaxers!
  • Audition season is approaching! Lots of email questions! Some better than others!
  • Hair cut and dye by a new salon! Super dark, and back to being kinda short! A little bit goth! Loving it!
  • Back in touch with a bunch of high school friends on Facebook! We're all older! How did that happen?!
  • Thinking of friends in Houston! Beware Ike! Be careful!!!
  • Closing on the old house in two weeks if all goes well! Here's hoping all goes better than well!
  • Running late! For work! Must shower and go to the office! In that order!
  • TGIF, y'all!

But never too busy for five...
  1. family
  2. weekend
  3. reasonable excuses to buy scooter crunch bars. in two flavors
  4. reunions
  5. introductions


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