training week 1 - done!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Rahree has finished her first week of training and lived to tell!

And, if I'm totally honest, it got easier throughout the week, rather than harder and more onerous.

I waited a number of days between training day 1 and training day 2... my inner six-year-old was totally in control, and she was in a lather - pouting and saying "But I don't want to exercise! I'm on vacation ! I shouldn't have to do anything I don't want to do!"

But the days that I exercised I felt better, slept better, got more done and was in a better mood.

I know, it's not really rocket science. I mean, how many trashy magazines and newspaper articles and such does a girl need to read regarding the benefits of exercise before she realizes that she should be doing it on a regular basis because, at the very least, it makes her feel better?

Let's do the math. Since I don't have any magazine subscriptions (although once we sell the old house? Oprah, here I come!), I get my junkie magazine fix from salon visits and doctors' offices. I average 9 salon appointments and 5 pedicures yearly, along with probably 4 yearly medical/dental appointments. Let's say that I scan through 2 magazine per appointment, that's 36 magazines per year. Trace that back to my freshman year in college, the first year I was "on my own", and I'm looking at 612 magazines.


And you know that each of those magazines had at least one article about the benefits of moderate diet and exercise.

(it gets more depressing when you figure that the average cost of those magazines is about $4 each. Total? $2,448. That's enough to get a little bit of lipo on those saddlebags, folks.)

Some of you have heard me refer to myself as a "stubborn Pollack" before...I'm thinking you can't deny me that title now. But it takes more than a week (or six hundred magazines, or several thousand dollars, evidently) to change a pervasive mindset, and even though I'm taking it slowly, I'm still committed to changing the way I think about exercise. If I can claim it as a treat, a reward in-and-of-itself, rather than rewarding myself for completing the week's training exercises, I know I'll be more likely to keep doing it.

And that, my friends, is the big goal.

Next week is training week 2, and things will be a little more hectic. Back to work, back into the classroom [I'm a little too excited to be teaching again - more on that later], another dentist appointment (4 cavities...wah waaaaaaah) and family visiting over the weekend. But I'm sure that I can squeeze in a few mornings for me. The good news is that puppy went with me this morning and was a perfect gentleman...which means that we'll both be able to get some exercise!

My five:
  1. accomplishing small goals
  2. surprising myself
  3. challah toast
  4. rocking chairs
  5. time with hubby


Paul said…
You have a great mindset about this. I like the bit about exercise being a reward in itself. We don't think of that as adults, do we? Supporting you in your quest!

Wie immer, deine Paulie :-)

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