the universe is conspiring against me!

well, maybe i'm being a touch dramatic...

It's more like my iPod conspired against me during my run.

All I needed was an extra 30 seconds to catch my breath after a hill. And instead of pausing, it took me back to the beginning of the training track. And, because I can't count and was paying more attention to the wheezing than the music, I had nooooo idea where I was.

So this morning's run, in many way, was a total failure. Sore shins. Losing the beat about halfway through. Aborting the mission early and walking home, singing the Weepies at the top of my lungs. a failure. To the tune of I need to repeat today's workout, just to make sure that I'm not kidding myself and just imagining that I can do it.

But I shouldn't write it off totally. I went. That, in and of itself, is a HUGE step for me. And while the old me would quit at the first sign of failure, I'm going to stick with it. So it didn't go the way I would've liked...ok. I've got another chance on Thursday to try it again.

And now I'll have a nice clear head for work and for class tonight. Because I'm back in the classroom tonight (Yay!), teaching an adult voice class. I don't know if students realize how nervous teachers get for the start of the year, for new faces and new curriculum and such. We do. Excited and nervous. Here's hoping that the class is fun for everyone, and that we all learn a little bit, too. Fingers crossed.


Leslie said…
awesome-I'm sure you rocked it! did you break out the 24 greatest hits?

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