Week in review

  • Ok, so the running thing has been a little harder this week. I've been achy, feet and knees and lower back, so I'm taking an extra rest day or two, hoping that it feels better. While I'm training for a race, I'm really trying to cultivate a new mind set, and it's starting to take hold.
  • The pup had his first birthday! YAY! And has totally been el diablo since...pulling on the leash, humping everything in sight, and being aggressivetime for a little visit to the vet, and a little snippage, I'm afraid.
  • Work is gearing up...lots of applications to read, trying to find some hotel alternatives, and hello, packing? Especially since we're not checking baggage this trip... awesome... But we had a site visit from a director who'll be staging a commission for us. Nice guy! Looking forward to hearing more from him.
  • Hubby picked up the last boxes from the old house this afternoon...tomorrow morning we turn over our little Potomac townhouse to its new owners. I hope they enjoy it as much as we did! And can I tell you what a relief it'll be to only have one house? HUGE!!!
  • To celebrate, we're heading west to a lake for some R&R...it'll be rainy all weekend, but a little lakefront house with a fireplace and enough towels to wipe off the dog, and we'll be all set!
Have a great weekend, all!


Kim said…
Who's not checking baggage? Dude! I can't survive on 3 ounces of hair product in a ziplock bag for 3 weeks!
Paul said…
Several thoughts.

1) Grats on the exploding pup. I'm glad he made it to a year, hearing all he's put you guys through, lol!

2) Double grats on the house closing! Just in time with the economy being what it is, eh? (Am I old for having just written that? lol!)

2) Being charged for checking baggage is teh suck. I ended up sending my big suitcase home from Minot with Fred on Amtrak.

3) Hang in there with apps. I just submitted mine. And, yes, my headshot is still the same one from MD. I am making plans to get a new one done. Promise. At least I'm not as bad as my teacher, who's been using the same headshot for at LEAST 20 years (no lie!)

4) I find myself telling a lot of Lee Anne stories lately. I miss you! We'll have to hook up for coffee &/or drinks on the audition trail. That would ROCK!


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